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Sarson (Baran)
Rural Tourism Destination In Rajasthan
The Land Of Black Bucks
Get close to mother nature and smell the essence of Rajasthani countryside. Be a part of a village household and embrace the rural Rajathani life.
What To Look Around For?
The undulating grasslands here are a paradise for wildlife lovers. Climb the watchtower and watch the grazing herds of chnkara (Indian grazelle), black - bucks and over 100 speices of birds.the real wildlife adventure awaits y ou.A religious fair is organized every year on Shiv Ratri.
What Not To Miss?
As you walk down the lanes of Sarson, get close to the rural Rajasthan in its most vibrant colours. Visit the Sarson Brahmani Mata Old Temple and Shiv Temple.
Where To Stay?
Comfortable accommodations options with good amenities are available in the nearby cities
Anta (20 km)
Kota (65 km )
Baran (45 km )
How Can I Get There?
Sarson is well connected to Baran, kota and Jhalawar by road.
How Far Is The Closest City (With Accommodation Facility)?
Anta - 20 km.
Baran - 45 km via Anta.
Kota - 65 km via Anta.
Jhalawar - 80 km via Bapawar and Khanpur.
Jaipur (nearest airport) - 310 km .