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Kheechan (Jodhpur)
Rural Tourism Destination In Rajasthan
Flight To Wonderland
Kheechan, is a village that is home to the famous bird demoiselle cranes, also locally known as kurjaan. Thousands of these birds migrate from Siberia. Kheechan is a proud host to these migratory birds in the winter season , from October to February. Also , the village exhibits more than hundred havelis, each of which is a finest specimen of carving and construction.
What To Look Around For?
As you enter the fascinating village, Kheechan, you will come across a linear display of good architectural structures and beautiful jharokhas, with fine craftsmanship. Agriculture is the main source of income in this village . the people of phalodi (4km from this village) are involved in handcrafting goods like traditional jootis (leather shoes) and embroidered bedspreads and linen. A visit to lemple and havelis will leave you spellbound. 
What Not To Miss?
The villagers have demarcated certain areas where food and water are regularly put for the migratory birds. Numerous flock of birds visit these areas and stay around them; their collective presence turns the skyline into a beautiful canvas. With more than hundred havelis in the village, exploration takes a flight of wonderful experiences. The art and spirit with which these artisans craft their items is worth witnessing.
Where To Stay?
Comfortable accommodation option with good amenlties are available in the nearby cities - Phalodi (4km), Pokran(60km).
How Can I Get There?
Baghera is well connected to Ajmer, Nasirabad, Jaipur and other major cities across Rajasthan by road.
How Far Is The Closest City (With Accommodation Facility)?
Jodhpur(nearest airport)-135km.
Jaisalmer -170km.